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About Us

At Sasbadi, we concentrate on creating quality educational content. We have dedicated ourselves to doing this since our inception more than 30 years ago.

In the beginning, we focused on producing learning materials for students of Malaysia’s national primary and secondary schools, including textbooks, reference books, workbooks, test papers and various other educational aids. Through commissioning only seasoned writers and professionals with teaching experience to contribute to our publications, we managed to develop Sasbadi into a brand trusted by students, teachers, and parents.

Today, the company has evolved into being a total education solutions provider, creating content that fulfils a wide range of educational needs. We are constantly innovating and developing new ways to engage our readers, to accompany them on their exploration of education and to cultivate in them the love for learning. Going into the 21st century, Sasbadi now produces content that is accessible from the conventional print form to the modern digital platforms.

We will continue on this path and ensure that content creation is our key focus. Our true value lies in the quality of the content we provide. We believe in it, and we believe it will provide students the support they need in their pursuit of excellence.